Exceptional HVAC Repair & Installation in Dallas, Texas

Keep your home or workplace functioning throughout the year with HVAC repair and installation services from Gates Air Conditioning, Inc. of Dallas, Texas.

We can provide you with an honest quote to get your heating and cooling needs taken care of as soon as possible.

An Honest Repair Job

When your HVAC is down or in need of repair call our professionals to come and evaluate your HVAC system. We will provide you with cost effective quotes to get your unit back up and running as soon as possible.

Residential Services

We specialize in many units and are able to provide our customers with many options designed toward your budget and HVAC brand preference. Our knowledged technicians can help you choose what unit is right for you and your home. 

Air Condition Repair - HVAC Repair


Commercial Services                                                                     

Keep your company's office space and data rooms running properly with HVAC installations, repairs, or preventative maintenance services. Our technicians specialize in roof top package units, Liebert mini mate systems, chill water units, small and large ups room units and many more. Unit tonages ranging from 1 ton to 30 tons and up! Turn key services for your commerical needs are available to our customers. We use highly respected and widely known contractors on all of our turn key jobs. All of our turn key project contractors used for plumbing, electrical, roofing and crane services are trusted companies that have been in buisness for 25 years or more to insure that our customers get the best services provided to them. 


A Liebert condenser on roof top with city scape unit enclosure.






Contact us to make sure your air stays on with our HVAC services.